I am eager to work with local businesses to help demystify digital marketing, as well as those looking to optimize or scale their efforts. 

The 15 years of experience I have built up working at agencies and national consumer brands can now be leveraged to help your business thrive! 


Better Understand Your Digital Market

  • Search & Social Network Research
  • Media Campaign Audit & Planning
  • Media Campaign Research & Execution
  • Local Business Listings

Gain insight from popular social and search networks to better understand how to reach and convert your target audiences. Discover what it will cost to meet this demand and better understand what your competition is doing.

When you are targeting a local market it is imperative to build up a presence in the locations you serve and support them with reviews and details that your next customer or client will need.

If you need to leverage to drive awareness, having a smart media plan that is tactical and multi-layered can be the difference between a wasted effort of shouting into the digital void versus effectively engaging your target audience. Regardless of where you are in planning or executing your efforts, I can help make sure they are being carried out appropriately.

Leverage my 15 years of experience to better understand your digital market today. Fill out the form to get the conversation started.

Professionally Deliver Your Marketing Campaigns

  • Customized Tracking & Reporting
  • Paid Search (Google/Bing/Yahoo) Campaigns
  • Paid Social (Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter/LinkedIn) Campaigns
  • Video/Banner Media Campaigns
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Drip & Blast Email Campaigns

There is nothing more exciting than building a marketing campaign from scratch, launching it, and seeing the results pour in. It is also very rarely that simple.

From fully understanding your business goals and market position, to researching the opportunity to deliver those goals, and then devising an approach to effectively meet that opportunity and measure the goals across multiple networks and consumer touchpoints, there is a lot to consider.

This is where experience matters. It is not because I have a fool-proof solution that works for any and every client, it is because I have an approach that takes into account how the different search, social, video, affiliate, media, and email networks work. I have worked in them directly since they were beta tests and have seen them develop and mature as digital has consumed ad dollars from other channels.

Let’s discuss your business goals, what tactics will be best to achieve them, and how we will carry out those tactics.

Before launching any marketing efforts, tracking is established, and benchmark reports should be created so we can fully realize the impact of your campaigns. Coupled with on-going pacing reports, actionable intelligence can be gained and used to your advantage.

Leverage my 15 years of experience to manage your campaigns today. Fill out the form to get the conversation started.

Optimize Your Website Presence

  • E-Commerce Merchandising & Cart Optimization
  • Lead Form Optimization
  • Website Tracking
  • SEO Best Practices
  • E-Commerce Product Syndication

From path reports that will help you better understand how your site is consumed, to traffic reports that provide insight into your sources, there is a mountain of data waiting to be leveraged. When you put these reports together to understand how particular traffic completes your site’s checkout or lead forms, optimizations can be applied to drive efficiency.

In addition to understanding your site traffic, it is important to understand how your website is consumed by the commercial web, is your content easily found? Are your pages linked together in a way that enables natural browsing? How fast does your site load? While sometimes lumped under the umbrella Search Engine Optimization (or SEO), it is more accurate to address this as optimizing your site.

In addition to optimizing your site, digital presents the opportunity to syndicate content, including product feeds across other networks. This allows you to reach new customers before they reach your site.

Leverage my 15 years of experience to optimize your web presence today. Fill out the form to get the conversation started.

Test Your Marketing Efforts

  • Landing Page Testing
  • Phone Call Tracking
  • Creative/Messaging Optimization

The power of digital lies in the crux of scale and insight and what drives this is the ability to quickly test and react to empirical data. If you feel your campaigns have grown stale or your site is not working as efficiently as you know it can, let’s discuss a testing plan. We can work on specific A/B (C/D/E) tests, as well as put together a testing road map that can create sustainable cycles of testing > learning > applying that can run continuously.

In addition to testing digital efforts, we can also look to setup Phone Call tracking, which can be tied to different test versions, thus allowing us to measure the impact of our tests across digital and offline goals.

Leverage my 15 years of experience to maximize your digital efforts today. Fill out the form to get the conversation started.