Chris Kostecki Digital

Partners & Resources

Chris Kostecki Digital is supported by some of the best in the business to help deliver our services to clients

Everyone we work with comes with our reputation staked on the work they provide, many times these include services we have used ourselves, or people we have worked with previously. Please take a minute to learn about Chris Kostecki Digital’s relationships, including:

  • Partners – trusted providers typically scoped into a project
  • Local Service Providers – how we can focus on delivering your market services while running a business
  • Resources – experts we have typically previously worked with to deliver services to you
  • Other Agencies – there is plenty of marketing out there and I am happy to help clients across the spectrum meet their needs,


There are a couple of local partners that I have had the pleasure of working on a number of projects with, including Sitka Creations and Pixelated Tech, both of which are highlighted below. In addition to being partners Sitka Creations produces Chris Kostecki Digital’s marketing collateral, including this awesome sushi-style service menu detailing what we offer! Not to be outdone, Pixelated Tech has established Chris Kostecki Digital’s intranet, website hosting, Exchange email, and fully licensed MS office suite and giving us the slick veneer of a legitimate operation! 

Learn more about these amazing locally-owned businesses below.

Sitka Creations is a female-owned and operated design and development agency based in Shirley, MA.
Sitka Creations bring talented design and development skills to business of all sizes, with experience developing corporate logos and identities, along with creating compelling landing pages, social ads, and complete websites from scratch!
Ran by Tamar Russell-Brown, Sitka Creations is our go-to partner for all design and development projects.
Pixelated Tech is Lunenburg's premiere IT provider offering website hosting, domain management, and a full suite of commercially compliant managed IT services.
With Pixelated Tech, our website clients get dedicated server space with added protection that is not readily available on the market without paying through the roof.
Mike Mathews is at the helm, and serves local and national clients with best-in-class IT services.


Chris Kostecki Digital also relies on local service providers to ensure I can focus my efforts on your digital marketing projects. Brighter Smiles Bookkeeping is a local bookkeeper that luckily works with more than just dentists. I know with Jacqueline Kelly running our invoices and keeping our finances in order, Chris Kostecki Digital’s clients can trust the bills they are receiving are accurate and professionally administered.

In addition to the amazing partners and local service providers there are other resources I work with to ensure my clients have the best services available, including product feed management, copy writing, market research, analytics implementation, and campaign management. 

Chris Kostecki Digital is also a board member of the Lunenburg Business Association and an avid supporter of the Lunenburg Skatepark Project

Other Agencies

I have also worked with other agencies in many different capacities from on-demand consulting, to handling overflow, to being a full-time employee. These agencies provide strong services to their clients and I am happy to work with them.